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Healthy and exiting

in a beautiful landscape

There is good reason that Mullsjö and the surrounding area is also known in Swedish as ‘Friluftsriket’
(in free translation: ‘The Open-Air Kingdom’).
Sweden’s first golf course was established here, dating back to 1888. And people have come to Hotel Mullsjö since the 1930s to relax and recharge, and to ski, play tennis, and go walking, riding or canoeing.
The hotel also offers indoor and outdoor swimming, a gym, and floor ball, as well as water aerobics, yoga and Qigong classes.

In other words: there is something for everyone – all the year round.


Read more about alpine skiing in Mullsjö on the Mullsjö Alpin homepage: www.mullsjoalpin.se

For more tips and information about nearby places of interest and tourist attractions, please visit www.mullsjo.se

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