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As a new employee at the little station in Mullsjö in the early 1930s, Hjalmar Fagerström welcomed many guests from Gothenburg who sought the snow- safe ski slope in southern Sweden. He saw people coming to Mullsjö and feeling good, and he saw the potential...
In 1936 he started the Mullsjö Department of the Open Air Promotion and only three years later, the association built a ski lodge at Mullsjön, with room for 34 overnight guests. All revenues were reinvested in the facility, which, in addition to ski slopes and slalom bombs, could soon be proud of tennis courts, sports ground and bathing facilities.
Demand talked its clear language, the investment was quite right in time. Families, sports groups and conferences came and enjoyed Mullsjö, and just five years later, a new main building was needed, with a dining room, lounge and guest rooms for 70 people.
Although a whole association was behind the business, Hjalmar Fagerstro?m's commitment was crucial to success. A commitment that took place when his son Tord took over the responsibility in 1967, and continued over the years to further develop and modernize the plant with the same driving force as his father's.
Since 2004, Hotel Mullsjö is privately owned and today satisfies the modern hotel guest's demands for comfort, service and space, but the business is still building a genuine personal commitment. Although it is over 70 years since Hjalmar Fagerström formulated the business idea, the need for peace and quiet is greater than ever, and for us, the original spirit is a natural approach: Here it should be easy to feel good! 
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